Stream your live events in multi bitrate, in adaptive quality and for any device. Prepare with few clicks your distribution thanks to simple configuration tools provided by Meride and create advanced user experiences with live multilingual, with DVR (time shift) and with the insertion of advertising even during the live event.


Adaptive quality delivery

Deliver your streaming on each device providing users the best quality possible for thier connectivity and kind of technology.


Wide Audience

Our live broadcast are based on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™ which is able to handle potentially infinite audience. No worries about the amount of users connected during the events./span>


DVR (time shift)

The DVR function on your broadcast will let the audience to stop and rewind your event from the beginning and come back with a simple click to the live function.



Manage your live events the same way as video on demand. Set up an embed with your preferences, combines advertising and share your broadcast on your pages in a few easy steps.



Opportunities to monetize your content live: associate one or more pre-roll at the top, enter overlay timed advertising and share dynamic video during break to maximize the gain of each of your broadcast.


Custom configuration

The live page of Meride guides you through the process of configuring your broadcast. You can find the information to be included in your encoder and configuration files ready to publish your content simply and directly.


Multilingual audio

Our player will automatically detect the user’s language by providing the correct sound, even on mobile devices!