Meride Broadcast

Meride Broadcast is the innovative solution designed by Mosaico to manage and deliver multimedia packages. A powerful encoding farm with powerful management of delivery tools. The software is aimed at editors that produce multimedia content and need to send it from their newsrooms to various customers and recipients, according to specific dedicated processing.


Meride Broadcast optimises your workflow in an efficient fashion and according to your needs: the system of scheduling offered by the software allows you to check and programme the delivery of your packages. It monitors and displays in real time the status of processing and of dispatch, for all packages present in the system.

The process of uploading videos can happen in two modes:

  • Upload direct

  • Server download: the operator selects the video from an FTP folder on which he had loaded the same. The operator does not have the onus of uploading the video which is downloaded automatically from the system thereby avoiding waiting times.

Processing of profiles

The profiles determine the type of processing immediately by a package, before being sent to a recipient. Each recipient owns one or more profiles with the information necessary for the software to proceed to processing requests.

Each profile contains the following rules

  • Rules on the videos: determine the modality of encoding and naming of the video source.
  • Rules on images: determine if necessary images to be attached to the package and, eventually, to rename it and resize it before sending.
  • Rules on XML: determine if the system must support the package an XML descriptive format originating from textual information included in the package.
  • Rules of compression: if specified, together with the files compressed in a (zip or tar) archive before being sent to the recipient.
  • Rules of sending: specify the FTP credentials for sending the processed packages. The system allows you to specify more FTP destinations for each profile.


The area of Meride Broadcast from where the users are managed with access to software and from which to create new users and change/cancel the existing. The software handles 3 types of users:

  1. User administrator. The administrators of the system are the users with a higher degree of privileges:
    1. Complete management users of the software
    2. Management of complete packages
    3. Visibility on processing profiles
  2. User operator. The operators have limited management of their packages: they can insert new ones and have visibility and the possibility of modification alone on packages inserted by themselves. To operators for whom the possibility of cancellation of packages is disabled.
  3. User guest. The guests are users with permission only to read and have visibility on all the packages of the system.

Reports and management of errors

Meride Broadcast provides progress status and the log of the package and of single processes related to various associated recipients. For each package it is possible to enter the loaded file sources and various packages processed, for each recipient. The software makes tools and functionality available for the management of any errors from sending with the possibility of reprogramming according to their own needse.

Hosting and encoding

Meride Broadcast is a web software oriented to 360 degrees that guarantees stability and access to each place. The speed and minimization of errors thanks to a powerful and proven encoding farm that deals with video processing. Automated and punctual backup to confront each situation.


Meride Broadcast guarantees the assistance service for clients through an area dedicated to the sending of reports and requests, directly to our help desk.


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